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Open Enrollment | Building and Cultivating Trust


June 14th, 2018.


9:00 AM to 12:00 PM




Philip H Ryan Health Sciences Center, 1 Denslow Rd, East Longmeadow, MA



Have you ever tried to uncrumple a wadded-up piece of paper? Were you able to get all the wrinkles out and make it perfectly smooth again? Probably not – they are indelibly etched in the paper. And so it is with trust. When it is broken, you can try to unravel and unfold from it, but the impressions and creases remain forever. What impact does trust have on the success of your company? Your teams? Your customers? Building and maintaining trust is one of the most critical factors of our individual and collective success and happiness - in every aspect of life and business. In this interactive, engaging and experiential workshop we will learn, discuss and challenge the components, distinctions and commitments of trust, and test our own levels of each while learning how to increase our awareness and actions to build and maintain trust at all levels within our business and lives.

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