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Short Films: “Mandala Beats” and “Joe’s Violin”


January 6th, 2019.


2:00 PM to 3:30 PM




Yiddish Book Center





“Mandala Beats”

Known as the Jimi Hendrix of bass guitar, Israeli bassist and producer Yossi Fine has recorded and produced music with artists from across the globe, including Lou Reed and David Bowie. Learning of Indian roots in his family, Fine departs on a journey of rediscovery. Encountering a world of Jewish music in India, Fine performs with Israeli musicians Shye Ben Tzur and Gil Ron Shama in some of the country’s holiest places. In her first feature-length documentary, Canadian filmmaker Rebekah Reiko offers a lively and joyous musical journey.

“Joe’s Violin”

In the award-winning short documentary film “Joe’s Violin,” a donated musical instrument forges an improbable friendship between 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Feingold and 12-year-old Bronx school girl Brianna Perez, showing how the power of music can bring light in the darkest of times and how a small act can have a great impact.

Tickets: $4-$8 

For more information and to purchase tickets: < a href="http://support.yiddishbookcenter.org/site/Calendar?id=7768&view=Detail">http://support.yiddishbookcenter.org/site/Calendar?id=7768&view=Detail< /a>