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Storybook Workshop (Ages 7-100!)


October 26th, 2019.


1:30 PM to 3:00 PM




The Story Barn (Frieda B.), 952 Main Street in Somers, CT





Register at www.FriedaB.com/Calendar.

Held at The Story Barn in Somers, CT - the new home of the Frieda B. Children's Book Series! Ages 7-100 (truly, we love generations of folks working side by side). $15pp. 

Imagine: What would the world look like if all folks grasped the significance of the story they carry inside? During Storybook Workshops, Frieda B. author Renata Bowers personally guides you and your guests through the process of doing just that - identifying and capturing elements of your one-of-a-kind-very-important story, via your own personal storybook. 

This is not about writing a story of your life. It's about exploring and documenting (via writing, drawing, doodling, posting pictures and memorabilia, cutting-and-pasting, etc.) the things that make you uniquely you... what you're good at, what you care about, your memories, moments, hopes, fears, dreams.  In essence, it's a way of helping you better understand and navigate the story of YOU.  

(Psst: Adults - this is a marvelous activity to do alongside the children and teens you love.)

You can come back to this workshop time and again, because each time we'll focus on a different Frieda B. book and topic, mining a different and significant aspect of story. The world very much needs every good story, and this process helps you clarify and dream about yours.