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Valley Gives Day Activity @ the J


May 1st, 2018.


6:00 AM to 6:30 PM




Springfield JCC | 1160 Dickinson Street (park in Converse Street parking lot) | Springfield, MA 01108


Debbie Whitehead | 413.739.4715 x344 | dwhitehead@springfieldjcc.org




Join the J-to-J Fun on Valley Gives Day
The general public is invited to join in a J-to-J celebration in which Springfield JCC’s Health & Wellness Center activities will be converted into mileage.  The goal is to collect 5,500 miles in one day - the length of a trip from Springfield, MA, to Jerusalem, Israel.
View a complete schedule and learn more at www.SpringfieldJCC.org.

Donations to Benefit Children Who Would Not Otherwise Have the Means to Attend JCC Summer Camps

Valley Gives is a 24-hour online giving event that allows individuals to support the good work throughout the PIoneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Acting collectively on a single day, people support nonprofit and charitable organizations throughout the Pioneer Valley. More than $1 million is donated each year to non-profits in the Pioneer Valley through Valley Gives Day.

The Springfield JCC, a non-profit agency that provides much needed services to youth, senior adults, and individuals with special needs, is one of the benefactors of Valley Gives Day. The money raised in 2018 will go to a scholarship fund to benefit children, including individuals with special needs, who would not otherwise be able to attend Springfield JCC Summer Camps. The general public is invited to join in a J-to-J celebration in which fitness activities will be converted into mileage.  The goal is to collect 5,500 miles in one day - the length of a trip from Springfield, MA, to Jerusalem, Israel.

The general public is welcome to join in the J-to-J activities. The entrance fee is a donation to Valley Gives Day.  For convenience, computers will be available in the Springfield JCC lobby to make an online donation and receive a guest pass to enter the J’s Health and Wellness Center.

“As always our doors are open to the general public,” says Susan Whirty, General Manager of Health, Wellness and Membership at the Springfield JCC. “With more than 65 group exercise classes per week at your J, come support us on Valley Gives Day. Your workout will help us reach our goal.”

That goal refers to converting workout routines into mileage that will be tracked on a map in the J’s Health & Wellness Center.  The 5,500 mile goal relates to the distance from the Springfield JCC to Jerusalem.

In addition to free activities in the Springfield JCC’s Health and Wellness Center, there will be vendors, including 10-minute chair massage, essential oils, fitness apparel, nail care, and jewelry.

One major highlight is a 20 minute golf swing analysis from Flynt Lincoln. Get accurate feedback with video and Trackman® Launch Monitor data. Every person will receive an emailed Screencast of their lesson. The cost is $20. Bring your Driver, 7 Iron, and Putter and prepare yourself for lower scores. *Trackman Launch Monitor is used by 86 of the top 100 golfers in the world to provide accurate feedback for their practice. Often used on TV to show ball flight. Flynt Lincoln - Flynt’s passion for golf includes a storied amateur career capturing the Massachusetts Amateur Championship, Massachusetts High School Championship, participating in 4 US Amateurs and 14 time Longmeadow Country Club Champion. He’s a certified putting instructor with Science and Motion - SAM PuttLab, and a Trackman expert.

Valley Gives Day highlights the philanthropic activity in the Pioneer Valley,” says Seth Stutman, Director of JCC Summer Camps.  “J-to-J will be a blast! Moreover, the money we raise will help more children have access to camp this summer.”

For complete information, visit < a href="http://www.springfieldjcc.org/" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=http://www.springfieldjcc.org&source=gmail&ust=1524251583691000&usg=AFQjCNH8luLcFSEsKXKnVjZLPQiewDRHDg">www.SpringfieldJCC.org< /a>, or contact Debbie Whitehead, 413.739.4715.